Games & Inflatables

If you fancy something a little more exciting, we can provide you with games and inflatables. A casino is a fantastic and popular concept; all the fun activities of a real one, but by using supplied fun money, your guests can gamble the night away, without losing a penny!

Or perhaps you would like to have a wild rodeo/bucking bronco? This life size model will certainly put the kick back into your event. This ride simulates riding on a bucking bull, you will need all your strength and ability to stay hanging on. It is suitable for all ages, is visually very effective and a great crowd pleaser! The bull horns are rubber and therefore harmless to the rider when they fall off, as everyone does! You’re guaranteed to have a bucking good time!

We have provided fun entertainment like this for numerous parties over the years and our ideas know no limit. Everything starts with a phone call so please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01892 532200.


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Games & Inflatables


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