Are you looking for entertainment for your event, some talent that can keep your guests amused and occupied for the evening? Below are our choices of the finest live bands around, the best characturists, magicians and toastmasters that we have worked alongside throughout the years and more ideas such as photo booth’s, silent discos and games. If you aren’t sure what form of entertainment will cohere to your intended atmosphere or theme, then please give us a call on 01892 532200 and we can advise you.

However, if you would like to have a browse over the many options we can offer, then please feel free!

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Live Bands

Instead of, or in addition to a DJ, having a live band perform at your special occasion really creates a fantastic and memorable atmosphere. Whether you want a more calm, relaxed atmosphere or a night of singing and dancing, we can advise you on the best live bands that we have had the pleasure to work alongside. It is your celebration, so it is entirely your decision as to what genre you choose. To simplify your choice, below we have collated the best solo and group musicians of jazz, Caribbean, latin, flamenco, soul, disco and tribute bands. All of the recommended bands and solo artists have impressive resumes and we would love to help you find the right choice for your occasion. If you would like some advice on this, please give us a call on 01892 532200 or enquire here and we will happily send you more information.

Photo Booth

Photo booth’s are a fantastic form of entertainment and are wildly popular with any and all generations. They look like little kiosks and inside there is usually a prop box in which to glasses, hats, wigs, masks etc. to put on and pose for a photo in. It is an incredibly fun option for a party or wedding because it gives your guests an opportunity to leave with a souvenir of the occasion. A photo booth guarantees a lively and amusing time for your guests, where they can have a laugh with their friends playing dress up, take photos and 30 seconds after, take with them the printed photos.

The best aspect of a photo booth, is that the props are easily customised, so the photos can combine perfectly with any theme you choose.

In addition to the original photo booth, we can also offer the option to have a photo wall or photo taxi for your event. We work closely with a company called Coco Photo Booth and recommend them to all of clients because we believe they are the best in the business. Their booths come in various sizes with costume items to dress up with and can comfortably take up to 10 people and they are fitted with the latest printing technology and high resolution digital cameras providing the highest quality available.

A wonderful idea for a special occasion is to encourage guests to stick the photos printed into a guest book and to write messages around them. Although your guests won’t take the printed photo as a memento, it in fact gives you, our client, a wonderful keepsake

Coco Photo Booth
Great Gatsby Style Singers


Being in the bridal party at a wedding can be a taxing job; keeping an eye on the time, making sure that everything is going to plan and everyone is enjoying themselves. We understand that it can be far from relaxing on a day when all you want to do is celebrate with your nearest and dearest. Of course, we believe that you are entitled to do just that. A toastmaster is the man you may have seen at some weddings walking around in a smart red coat. The toastmaster makes sure your guests are seated at the correct time, that the speeches aren’t forgotten and is in charge of the running order of the day. You might think it sounds a little avante garde (OTT) to have a man making announcements through the day, but they coordinate with everyone involved including the photographer, DJ and caterers so that everything runs as smoothly as possible without a hitch. We have been to many weddings in the past where the lack of communication is unmistakeable and we spend the majority of the time wondering aimlessly, clueless of what’s to happen next! Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life and hiring a toastmaster allows you and your wedding party to focus primarily on enjoying yourselves.

We have spent time over the years finding the best toastmasters around because it might not sound complex, but we assure you, there is skill involved. If you give us a call on 01892 532200 or enquire here, we will be able to identify which talented toastmaster will suit your occasion, your personality and your budget.


Hiring a caricaturist is a fantastic method to keep your guests occupied and entertained for an evening. It brings people together and encourages guests to converse or laugh about the drawings. What we think is really special is that it gives your guests a momentum of the occasion to take away as a keepsake or souvenir. We have worked with many talented caricaturists in this profession and we feel confident about the ones we recommend to clients. Please give us a call on 01892 532200 or enquire here for more information.


Another popular form of entertainment for an occasion is hiring a magician. Magicians are incredibly popular for parties because they appeal to guests of all ages. Young children will be dazzled and kept occupied, whilst adults will be intrigued and amused. Magicians are incredibly versatile too, they can work their magic on birthday parties and also blend in well at corporate functions, generally helping to break the ice! The magicians we recommend have been based around Kent, Surrey and Sussex for a number of years, are highly skilled and have not lost their magic touch (pun intended). If this is a form of entertainment you can imagine at your event, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or enquire here.

More ideas?

If you fancy something a little more exciting, we can provide you with games and inflatables. A casino is a fantastic and popular concept; all the fun activities of a real one, but by using supplied fun money, your guests can gamble the night away, without losing a penny! Or perhaps you would like to have a wild rodeo/bucking bronco? This life size model will certainly put the kick back into your event. This ride actually simulates riding on a bucking bull, you will need all your strength and ability to stay hanging on. It is suitable for all ages, is visually very effective and a great crowd pleaser! The bull horns are rubber and therefore harmless to the rider when they fall off, as everyone does! You’re guaranteed to have a bucking good time!

Everything starts with a phone call so please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01892 532200.

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