Inflatable Sofas

Whether you are planning a large or small event we can supply the furniture you use to host your party. By choosing to hire your furniture you can plan your social event according to the size and space you wish to accommodate. We have a wide range of furniture types to suit all budgets and tastes, whether it is a corporate occasion or a beautiful wedding reception. You may be looking for banqueting tables and chaviri chairs or perhaps some inflatable sofas. Call us if you would like to understand more about event furniture hire and what we can offer, or alternatively take a look below.

The most modern and tasteful furniture that we have come across in the past few years are the inflatable sofas made by Blofield. They are in the style of a Chesterfield sofa and are therefore timeless and simple. We supply and hire out the inflatable furniture in three colours: stone white, red and black to accommodate a wide variety of clients and events. The sofas are air filled and take just minutes to inflate, therefore they are incredibly straightforward to transport and are lightweight to move around if needed. By choosing to hire your furniture for an event, you can plan your party according to the size and space you wish to accommodate.

As you can see in the photos, the inflatable sofas for hire have a professional and chic appearance. When being seated on one, you will realise that they are exceedingly sturdy and comfortable. The sofas are fantastic for both indoor and outdoor furniture and are adaptable in whatever environment they are in. The stone white sofas are perfect during the daytime for weddings, but they also blend in well and create a great relaxed, chill out area in a party setting. The black and red coloured sofas are popular also and are regularly hired out for corporate events.

Blofield Arm Chair

Available in Black and White

Event hire £65 per chair ex VAT

Blofield 2/3 Seater Sofa

Available in Black, White and Red

Event hire £75 per sofa ex VAT

Blofield 3/4 Seater Sofa

Available in White only

Event hire £85 per sofa ex VAT

Coffee Table

Available in Black, White and Red

Event hire £10 per Table ex VAT

Like the look of them?

If you would like to see our Blofield inflatable sofas in action, take a look at the videos to the right showing them at the iconic Cannes Film Festival and in David Guetta and Akon’s music video for ‘Sexy Chick’.

In addition to the inflatable sofas for hire, we also supply coffee tables that pair perfectly. When your guests are sitting down the tables are an appropriate height to rest a drink or handbag on. They are fantastic quality and work well at a wedding or party. We also provide a wider range of furniture for weddings, such as banqueting chairs and tables, which are very popular for special occasions and our pricing is competitive. We understand that furniture adds to the price of a wedding or event and that is why we have a high quality product for a reasonable, cost effective price.

We have supplied the inflatable armchairs to numerous corporate events over the past year for fairs, conferences and private events. As stated previously, they are very versatile and make transporting the furniture to the event very simple. A member of our team will travel with the furniture and set it up where and when you want it. You can drape different materials on the furniture, which adds a little extra something special to make them look unique and blend with the theme of your party or event. Hiring stylish furniture for your corporate event or conference can set you apart from the competition. It is a perfect way to demonstrate when your business is doing well; boasting lovely furniture that is contemporary and comfortable gives customers and clients the idea that you are too. These are an affordable product that is at the top of the corporate furniture rental range. Engaging with customers and clients with high quality furniture creates a sense of professionalism and allows the clients to feel relaxed and put their confidence in you.

The stone white inflatable furniture makes a perfect relaxing area for guests at a wedding, they can be placed inside a marquee or outside on the grass. When they are having a break from dancing on the dance floor to the amazing music the DJ provides, they can go and enjoy a glass of champagne to take a break and rest their feet. At first, the idea of inflatable furniture can remind people of very flimsy lightweight material, but in fact the sofas are very sturdy and are just heavy enough to remain weather resistant but light enough to move if someone wants to rearrange the set up. They are stylish and are so comfortable to sit in; they provide a simple answer and a lovely area for your guests. In addition to the furniture and chairs, we can offer numerous other products such as tables and accessories to add something extra to your wedding or event.

The inflatable sofas for hire are incredibly simple to get working in a matter of minutes; using an electric pump you can inflate and deflate the furniture. They are easy to store and do not take up space which makes it very simple to transport many at a time. The stone white colour is the most popular because it blends well with lots of themes, perfect for weddings, corporate events and parties. Having said that, the black and red can add something more special and they may coordinate better with the theme and atmosphere you are hoping to achieve. The sofas are made from UV-proof PVC with a thicker vinyl material underneath to protect them from wear and tear. They are waterproof so they are perfect to put outside and it won’t matter that the odd drink gets spilt down one. Guests at parties are likely to have a cigarette and a fantastic aspect of the sofas is that they are burn proof, so the occasional bit of ash will not make any difference. When hiring furniture for events or weddings, companies can charge a lot of money simply on transportation, because furniture like sofas can take up a lot of room – because these deflate, they take up a small amount of room each and therefore the delivery costs will be kept to a minimum.

inflatable sofas for hire in Kent
wedding furniture for hire in Surrey, bride and groom having a drink of champagne to celebrate on inflatable sofas
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Blofield inflatable furniture hire for party, versatile and sturdy sofas in different colours, black red and white
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blow-up sofas for parties and festivals, available to hire and rent for event in Kent
inflatable sofas to rent for event in Surrey and Kent, available for weddings and parties
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