In order to create an amazing and unforgettable atmosphere for your guests, it is important to hire lighting for your event. When you hire a DJ, they will bring with them their quality lighting rigging. Although they have years of experience, they are happy to welcome any suggestions or ideas you have. This is your party and we want to make sure that you have the best possible time.

Interior lighting decoration on tree
Interior DJ lighting set up
Lighting truss set up
DJ set up with moving laser lights

We can provide you with the information and advice to decide which lighting effects will work well for your party. You have the choice between a truss rig or a flown lighting rig, the former is a metal structure which holds up the lights and the latter is a more conspicuous rig, which doesn’t have a metal structure on show – you can see these in the images. Our most popular lighting equipment to hire includes 10 moving head lights with lasers, to give a professional look and nightclub feel. At any event, the atmosphere in the marquee or venue is so important in order to give your guests a fantastic night or a mediocre one. We provide excellent quality lighting equipment that can brighten up the venue and blend well with a theme or colour scheme. Because we have four decades of experience, we know good quality when we see it and we will never use any equipment that is not up to our standards. We use the latest technology of LED and laser lighting, which is used by acclaimed London nightclub venues. For something extra special we can also provide smoke machines which add to the atmosphere and come as a fantastic addition to our party or wedding package because the bride and groom tend to love it during their first dance. If you are on a budget or need a range of prices to choose from, we can offer lighting to hire at different prices. Of course, we set up the lighting safely and efficiently and our delivery costs are included in the full price.

In the photos below you will see the different lighting we have to offer. Not only can we provide a lighting rig to liven up the dance floor but we can provide exterior lighting, interior lighting and additional accessories which can provide a fantastic atmosphere for your guests.

Exterior lighting
This includes any number of ideas to make the venue look enticing and exciting. Fairy lights are a popular accessory to wrap around trees or hang to create a ceiling or lights. Imagine your party is taking place at a beautiful venue such as Bayham Abbey House and during the day it looks stunning of course, but in the evening, the sun disappears and your guests can no longer see the beautiful wedding venue. This is where uplighters are an incredibly popular idea in order to liven up the exterior of the venue so that guests can still appreciate their surroundings.

Interior lighting
This includes the DJ lighting rig set up for hire with 10 moving head lights, lasers, power strobes, colour changing spotlights, flower lights and if you would like it, a giant mirror ball which offers a lovely sparkle effect.

The interior lighting available to hire also includes lit up curtains and ceilings that drape down, which gives a special effect.

Kurve marquee to hire

Kurve Marquee

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