Marquee Pavilions

These tents demonstrate a fantastic combination of global architecture and culture – they are a really unique and unusual design. Marquee pavilions are a year round tent and can stand on hard surfaces as well as grass. Styled widow walls or solid wooden wall panels are available, making it suitable in all sorts of weather. Pavilions are circular/oval with wooden frames and a canvas structure. This shape makes it a perfect space for a central dance floor and surrounding tables.

  • Circular tent perfect for central dance floor and surrounding tables.
  • Large capacity and extra pods can be added to create ‘rooms’ for chill out areas, bars or extra dining.
  • Ash frame creates organic and natural feel.
Framed tents are the most versatile marquees available. They can be erected within a few hours on a number of terrains such as grass or concrete. There are no centre poles and using extended raised legs we can turn a standard 2.4mtre leg to a 3mtr leg, therefore raising the height of the roof and giving the illusion of more space. Hard wooden windows and glass doors can be put into a frame tent to add to the look. We carry a full range of accessories to enhance the marquee, including a star clothed roof lining (for the twinkling night sky effect), LED colour changing uplighters, giant mirror balls, chandeliers and pin spot lighting, various coloured carpets and furniture.
Framed Marquee
This is a circular tent and is a great alternative for large-scale weddings and parties, as well as being a popular choice for festivals and music events. It has the distinctive and iconic look of a circus tent with a very high roof to create the illusion of even more space. This roof space is great for elaborately decorating and can support full light show and sound rigs, enabling you to put on fantastic disco shows with an unbeatable atmosphere. It features wooden poles, hemp guy ropes, a canvas roof and walls that can be pulled up to open up the tent and create entrances.
Big Top Marquee
Furniture & Accessories
The beauty of the Chinese hat marquee is the unique style and look. It’s ideal for creating a separate focal point away from the main marquee, or attached to the front of the main structure to add an entrance or separate bar space. They can also provide a pleasant spot for guests to relax in away from the crowds. Furnished with cushions or sofas for whatever atmosphere you are trying to achieve.
Chinese Hat Marquee
Stretch tents and capris are made from waterproof fabric and can be put up in an endless variety of shapes to provide an exciting and dramatic alternative to your standard marquee. These marquees do not use ropes and guy lines and are designed to look and feel modern and spacious. If you want to keep it simple without adding lining and décor extras, why not opt for one of these eye-catching marquees that are a statement themselves.
Sketch Fabric Tent & Capris
Deluxe Toilets
The Giant Tipi provides more than just an alternative to the standard white marquee. Your event becomes an experience in itself - the natural feel and warmth created under the Kåta canvas is as uniquely gorgeous as each event they house. The Kåta is the creative backdrop for our clients’ celebrations; dressed or undressed it’s just as stunning. The versatility of these tents allows them to be linked together to provide a venue suitable for any large event, wedding, party or celebration. They can be set up in a wide variety of configurations according to personal taste and to suit the surroundings. If there is a fantastic view, focal point or simply sunny weather, the Giant Hat’s sides can be raised to allow this to be experienced from within. Whilst the Giant Hat Tipi is most popular as a wedding and party tent, it is also ideal for other events such as trade shows and product launces to festivals and music workshops.
Giant-Tipi Marquee
Marquee Pavillion
Dance Floors & Staging
Domes are really versatile structures. They can be connected together to create a large and extravagantly shaped space, or simply added o to a larger marquee to provide a separate area for a cocktail/champagne bar, chill out area, whatever you wish. They have side panels that can be opened up so you can bring the outdoors I and enjoy some sunshine! Marquee domes are a modern and stylish solution and are guaranteed to impress your guests with that wow factor.
Marquee Dome
Awnings & Entrance Walkways