Personal Nightclub

We understand that everyone deserves a party for a special occasion and we also understand the struggles of celebrating out in a club or bar, where you are made to queue for a long time for expensive drinks. We have come up with a solution. Hire your very own personalised mobile nightclub!

You can transform any space you desire with lighting, a bar, staff, a dance floor and some amazing music. Below is an example of the transformation we gave to a function room at Hotel du Vin in Tunbridge Wells. Our lighting and furniture completely changed the look of the space. If you are thinking about hiring a marquee for your party, you will likely want to create an atmosphere.

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the venue in tunbridge wells, kent of hotel du vin. It is a perfect space for weddings and events and they also have hotels all around the UK in Cheltenham, Winchester, Brighton and Wimbledon.
the venue in tunbridge wells, kent of hotel du vin. It is a perfect space for weddings and events and they also have hotels all around the UK in Cheltenham, Winchester, Brighton and Wimbledon. Here we gave lighting and a cocktail bar for an amazing atmosphere.

Hotel Transformation

photographer to hire for birthday parties and special events. hire a DJ for your wedding and hire a mobile nightclub
example of lighting equipment for hire at one of Simon P events, with DJ booth in background lit up next to the dance floor
mobile night( )club hire in Kent for party planning for birthday celebrations and weddings
guests at a party having fun on the dance floor, they are under the lighting rig and surrounded by star lock cloths giving the impression of stars. All equipment for hire is available in our wedding planning or part planning in Kent.
birthday party inside marquee for hire in Kent with a truss lighting rig with moving laser heads. The entertainment available in Kent and DJ for hire at affordable prices that bring quality to your party
Hire a mobile night club with full party planning and event organisation, that includes lighting, dance floor, DJ for hire in Kent and surrounding areas such as Woking, Guildford, Dorking.
mobile night( )club hire in Kent showing off table decoration and planning. Beautiful presentation for your party or wedding with star cloth and truss lighting rig
Amazing set up with laser lighting show to create a fantastic atmosphere for guests giving the impression they are in a night club. The star cloth ceiling makes it a popular choice in marquees. We supply marquees for areas such as Arundel, Worthing, Bognor Regis, in Sussex.

Having your own night club, you as our client can decide on the theme for your party and accommodate the number of people you would like to invite. We can choose a venue together or we can transform your marquee into a special club scene, especially for you. We can create a chill out zone that includes inflatable Blofield sofas and soft lighting so that your guests can have a break from dancing. We create a dance area with the dance floor of your choice and set up a full lighting rig to create a fantastic immersive atmosphere. The best part is the cocktail bar, where you can choose from any number of our cocktail bars and be entertained by our talented team of flarers and mixologists. The reason this is our favourite part is that we hate the idea of your guests waiting in a huge queue to refresh their palette.

Hire a cocktail bar
We hire out our colour changing LED cocktail bar for parties and weddings. This is where you will find our experienced staff mixing up many different, exciting cocktails. We are lucky to have a talented team who are experienced cocktail bartenders and flair bartenders to make your night extra special and provide entertainment for your guests. If you are looking for drinks that are a little more interesting than beer and wine, our team can devise a cocktail menu that appeals to your taste, blends with your theme and one that suits your budget.

If you are looking to hire a cocktail bar, we source and supply local and fresh ingredients for your chosen cocktails to ensure that they are as tasty as possible. We do our market research and know the drinks that are current and in vogue at any given time. The drinks and ingredients used by us are always the best available because we believe taste, texture and appearance are incredibly important to you and your guests. Take a look at the great array of cocktails we can supply here. Out team will arrive two hours before the start of your event to set up the cocktail equipment and get the bar looking professional and pristine before your guests arrive. In this time they will chill the beer and champagne, get the ice buckets ready and prepare all the trimmings such as mint and lime for the mojitos and capirinhas! They will take all of the equipment and drinks away with them when they leave and we work on a sale or return basis, so anything your guests don’t drink, we will happily take off your hands and off the final bill.

Hire a dance floor
We have a wide variety of dance floors to hire for you event or party. Our most popular is the white LED starlok dance floor, which pairs so well with our Kurve marquee. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but it gives your guests a great platform to dance the night away! The dance floor is perfect for weddings and works well in any venue. When the lights are projected down on the dance floor, it gives such a lovely and exciting atmosphere to enhance your event.

Hire a video DJ
Our video DJ’s use one or two rear projection video screens alongside their DJ setup; they are a fantastic addition to any event to show music videos and display photos of your choice. We also provide a photographer for your event and the photos they take can be displayed on the screens all night, so that you and your guests can look at them throughout, which is a special touch appreciated by all of our clients. To hire a photographer for your party or wedding, just give us a call and we can recommend who would work best alongside your guests. Take a look at our party pics to get an idea of the photos that can be captured at your event. To tailor the event especially to you, the DJ you choose will work with you to create a playlist of songs that you would love to be played throughout the night.

Hire event lighting
The lighting rig can either have a truss rig or be flown and the lights include 10 moving head lights with lasers, to give a fully professional look and nightclub feel. At any event, the atmosphere in the marquee or venue is so important in order to give your guests a fantastic night or a mediocre one. We provide excellent quality lighting equipment that can brighten up the venue and blend well with a theme or colour scheme. Because we have four decades of experience, we know good quality when we see it and we will never use any equipment that is not up to our standards. We use the latest technology of LED and laser lighting, which is used by acclaimed London nightclub venues. For something extra special we can also provide smoke machines which add to the atmosphere and come as a fantastic addition to our party or wedding package because the bride and groom tend to love it during their first dance. If you are on a budget or need a range of prices to choose from, we can offer lighting to hire at different prices. Of course, we set up the lighting safely and efficiently and our delivery costs are included in the full price.

Everything starts with a phone call so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote on 01892 532200. We come up with the ideas to create your very own nightclub.