Silent Discos

If you have ever hosted a party and had the neighbours complain, or you just fancy organising an event that is a little more individual, then a silent disco is a fantastic idea!

Silent discos offer a unique experience for weddings, birthdays, private and corporate parties. If you have any sound restrictions, this option niftily sidesteps them. Each guest is given a headset, which plays their choice of music – it’s their own private DJ! We use state of the art headphones that give each guest fantastic sound quality. Our systems can broadcast two channels simultaneously, which gives your guest a choice of either channel. If you are looking for something entertaining and individual, organising a silent disco perfect for you – it gives your guests a memorable night.

If you would like to find out more, please enquire here or call us now on 01892 532200.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or organising a fun evening for your company, we can cater for you. A silent disco is an ideal centre piece, not only for its sheer novelty but as we said before, it is particularly good at avoiding noise complaints! After the event, simply pack everything back into the packaging and our courier will arrive at the arranged place and time to take it off your hands.